Moomins at Arabia

The first products with Moomin figures at Arabia, a set of children's dishes and a serie of miniature figures, came out at the end of 1950's. Still, the "Moomin boom" strated by the second launch of the moomin products in 1990.

The most common questions related to Arabia Moomin products:

How many different Moomin mugs Arabia has produced?

In the files below you can find list of all Arabia Moomin products with the production year, and the 2016 Moomin brochure of items available:

What does the four-digit number mean in the bottom of a Moomin mug?
The four-digit number is a traceability marking required by the EU. With the help of this number the production batch can be traced. There are different type of markings with e.g. different colours but they have no effect on the value or of the use of the product.

When does the next Moomin mug come to the market and what is the theme of the mug?
In general we launch 1-2 new mugs per year + summer and winter seasonal mugs. Information of the upcoming launches can be found on our website shortly before they are going to be launched.

Which Moomin mug will be discontinued next?
The newest information of upcoming delistings can be found under the section Discontinued products.

Where can you buy old Moomin mugs which are no longer manufactured?
You can find them e.g. on the flea markets or in antique stores. Arabia does not have any old products in storage.

Where are Moomin products manufactured?
Moomin products are manufactured at our carefully selected contract manufacturers. Information of the manufacturing country for a specific item can be inquired from the retailers or from our consumer service, tel. 02033 4101 daily between 10-15.

 New: International names of Moomin characters featured in Arabia's products


Paratiisi. Build your Paratiisi in small pieces. >>



Paratiisi. Build your Paratiisi in small pieces. >>